I'm Sarah Jane


Sarah is the founder of Innerworks, along with her personal bra,nd Sarah Jane. In 2023 she is celebrating life every day with her two beautiful boys. 

Innerworks was founded when Sarah recognised a gap in the recruitment & administration market for businesses to receive a scope of services with support. Through teamwork, growth and support, Sarah and her team service myriad businesses in all things recruitment, administration assistance and sales telephone support.

Sarah became a qualified chef, catering manager, restaurant manager, and company trainer of managers, 2ics and supervisors before becoming a business owner.

After years of growth and experience, Sarah and her then-partner unleashed their inner entrepreneurs and created their first sales and marketing business. Their leap of faith paid off as their business became a thriving success. One of her highlighted experiences in her own HR career was recruiting and managing 140 employees across multiple states. Unfortunately, they were forced to dissolve the business. It’s from this experience that Sarah gained resilience and motivation. 

Today Sarah has over eight years of experience running her own businesses, which are now million-dollar revenue streams. Her mission is to share her experience and expertise with her clients – solely focused on their business’ success. This is through recruitment training for business owners and their teams to gain the most out of their in-house recruitment process. 



Save More

I want you to save more time & money.

Have the tools to success 

I want to share with you and help give you the tools that will help you and your business in as many ways as possible. 

Invest in your business

Invest in your business to give yourself valuable time and progress in your business. 

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My Mission

My passion is to support and guide business owners in establishing a solid foundation for their businesses through effective administration and recruitment practices. I believe that people and administration organisation are some of the important backbones of any successful business, and therefore, it is crucial to have the right structures and tools in place to maximize their potential.

With my expertise and support, I aim to help business owners save time, reduce stress, and achieve greater success by streamlining their administrative tasks and effectively managing their recruitment proccesses. I am dedicated to providing the guidance and resources needed to help businesses thrive and reach new heights in the ever-changing business landscape.


I love working with multiple businesses! Having a network where I can work with business owners who have a great mindset, driven individuals who are also invested in helping other business owners gain referrals which means more business together. 

Having a solid foundation where businesses and business owners prioritise mutual growth and support is critical to fostering a thriving and successful ecosystem. By lifting each other up, and sharing resources and expertise, businesses can reach new heights and achieve greater success together.

If your looking to connect with business owners who meet regularly email me today [email protected]


"Sarah has a refreshing personality and is eager to help and support me and my business, which is great to know and have that support."

- Narelle

"Sarah and the team are always a phone call away with a solution for whatever issue we are facing. My experience with them has been beyond any expectations and having their support allows  me to focus on growing the business without those other worries and time-consuming tasks. I wish there was a 10-star review option."

- Lance

"I recommend any small or large business that would like to free you their time to focus on bringing the revenue in rather than making costly mistakes when you could have just left it to the experts!"

- Christopher 

Why I Do It

I Understand as a business owner, the struggles of working hard and running when you start your business. Then getting to that point where you do look around for support to help you gain back your time in your business so you can do what you do best. I love helping businesses and business owners succeed. I will do anything I can to help and support in as many ways as possible, my mission is to help businesses grow, business owners gain valuable time back and everyone have a happy workplace and enjoy their day-to-day life. 


I am raising 2 beautiful boys and want to ensure I show them how important it is to be a part of our community, economy and that enjoying your life in as many steps of the way is vitally important. 


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