Are you looking to level up your in-house recruitment process in ONE DAY? 

At your service! I am here to support you in streamlining your in-house recruitment process, enabling you to save time and money along with getting the results your business needs.

Welcome to our Recruitment VIP Days! We're dedicated to assisting you in elevating your in-house recruitment processes to drive better results. Our goal is to streamline your recruitment efforts and help you achieve more in-house. Together, we'll unlock efficiencies, save valuable time and resources, and ensure your recruitment strategies align with your business objectives.  Achieve your goals, see results and grow your business. Let's collaborate to make it a reality!



All the tools you need to build a recruitment strategy in your business

On this day, we collaborate closely to assess your current practices, map out your desired destination, and chart the path to get there. The following are the key topics we will explore together:

  1. Company Profile: Through this, we look at how to attract AND retain top talent. How can you attack quality applications and retain your employees. Our aim is to maximise all relevant statistics to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  2. Recruitment Ads: We will work through an ad strategy to ensure each role you recruit for, has a mapped-out plan to get the best results. New ads, generally more than 1, will be made here, along with where you can post these ads. 

  3. Shortlisting Process: The shortlisting process is one where you can save quite a lot of time during your process and speed up the process. Here we will cultivate a strategy that works for you and the team, to get the best results. I go over the current do and do not in the industry here to maximise results. 

  4. Interview Questions & Process: Interview questions can make or break the decision to hire the potential employee in question. We all know employing the wrong person can cause a lot of pain in time and money. So let's work together to level up your interview process to help ensure the right people for your business are being employed. 

Dates: 2024


March 15th 

March 26th 

April 16th

April 24th

May 16th

May 30th 

June 4th 

June 14th

June 18th 

June 20th 

July 2nd 


July 16th 

July 25th 

July 30th 

August 6th 

August 15th 

August 20th 

August 29th


 May CAIRNS 22nd 

Recruitment¬†VIP dates can be changed or¬† added to any state; please email me to lock in a date custom for you [email protected]


Recruitment Day: Elite 


Ready to elevate your recruitment process? Our Recruitment VIP Day is the ultimate opportunity to supercharge your in-house recruitment strategy. Join us for a full day of collaboration and insights, where we'll work together to reshape your recruitment processes for success.


Tailored to your specific needs, this package is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our team will closely collaborate with you to optimise your recruitment efforts, from fine-tuning your job listings to implementing more efficient candidate evaluation processes.


Working with business owners, admin or HR leaders in your business, we are here to support the growth of your business and achieve success in your recruitment process. 


Plus, we'll keep you fueled throughout the day with delicious food and drinks, ensuring you stay focused and productive. Don't let outdated recruitment methods hold you back any longer. Schedule your Recruitment VIP Day today and take the first step towards achieving your hiring goals!







Custom Solutions package


Introducing our Recruitment VIP Day, designed to meet your hiring needs, regardless of your location! Harnessing the power of virtual organisation, we can seamlessly collaborate with you from anywhere.

No matter the scale of your recruitment needs, we're here to enhance your hiring efficiency. Our Recruitment VIP Day (if larger, this can be across multiple days) is the perfect choice if you're seeking solutions and results within your recruitment process. We continue to work with admin team members, managers, HR leaders and business owners throughout this process. We understand the needs, listen to the team and the business owner to get maximum results. 

So, how does it work?

We initiate the process with a consultation to grasp your unique hiring goals and requirements. Subsequently, we'll craft a customized plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Once we've identified your recruitment objectives, we'll provide a comprehensive quote covering the cost of optimising your processes and enhancing your workflow. With our expertise, you can save time, alleviate stress, and concentrate on expanding your recruitment success. Let's kickstart your journey today!





Lance Gunther


Innerworks Business Solutions has been my go-to. In truth, pretty much any area I have needed assistance. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile (or 10 in my case) to support myself and our company. Sarah and the team are always a phone call away with a solution for whatever issue we are facing. My experience with them has been beyond any expectations and having their support allows me to focus on growing the business without those other worries and time-consuming tasks. I wish there was a 10 star review option.

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