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Looking for support in just 1 area in your recruitment process?

Let's work together for a consultation:

Below are some topics you may want help and support with, one topic per session. These sessions last for half an hour, working with you, and the rest of the work is completed and sent over for approval. 

- Job Ad creation 

-Interview Questions crafted 

-Yearly Culture plan

- Custom packages

Something you are after not on this list? Email me today! [email protected]



Recruitment  Placement  Options

Option 1

Ad creation, posting and shortlist package

Ad package & posting; created job ad with analytics. 

Includes multiple posting platforms and resumes filtered to eligible and non-eligible candidates, depending on job role and requirements: filtered resumes and pre-screening process.

- Job ad created 

- Posted on multiple platforms 

-Filtered candidates that have gone through the pre screen process

You’ll be able to finish the recruitment interviews and process yourself with this option.

Option 2

Efficient Employment Solutions

Our Efficient Employment Solutions package is designed for companies seeking the best of the best. It is ideal for those who require candidates with 1 year or more experience in the specific role and have 3 or more requirements. This package includes all the features of our standard offering but with added headhunting services to find the most suitable candidate with the right experience to fit your exact criteria. Choose this option for a comprehensive, tailored approach to your hiring needs and ensure your company attracts top talent. 

Let us find the right candidate for you.


Option 3

Essential Employment Solutions

Our Essential Employment Solutions Package is designed for companies seeking the most experienced and highly qualified candidates. It is ideal for those who require a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience in the specific role and have 4 to 5 or more specific requirements for the job. A key selection criterion is to be confirmed with the employer. With this package, you'll receive not only ad creation, shortlisting, and reference checks but also comprehensive candidate interviews and profiles generated for each candidate, ensuring a thorough and informed selection process. Furthermore, you'll benefit from our 1-month candidate placement guarantee, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your hiring decision.

Unlock the full potential of your business and build your team with confidence by partnering with us today. Our recruitment services will save you time, deliver top-quality candidates, and give you a competitive edge in the hiring process.


Option 4

Elite Employment Solutions

Unlock long-term success for your business with our expert permanent recruitment placement services. This is for you if you're looking for the whole process to save time and gain the highest quality. This option is used for managers or high-end positions. 

We will find you the right candidate for you and your business. There is a 3-month guarantee on our candidate. 

This option is 14% of the salary package.



Are you looking to level up your in-house recruitment process in ONE DAY? 

At your service! I am here to support you in streamlining your in-house recruitment process, enabling you to save time and money along with getting the results your business needs.

Welcome to our Recruitment VIP Days! We're dedicated to assisting you in elevating your in-house recruitment processes to drive better results. Our goal is to streamline your recruitment efforts and help you achieve more in-house. Together, we'll unlock efficiencies, save valuable time and resources, and ensure your recruitment strategies align with your business objectives.  Achieve your goals, see results and grow your business. Let's collaborate to make it a reality!


Recruitment Support is for the people looking to:

  • Boost productivity

  • Save valuble time
  • Maximise your recruitment ROI
  • Unbiased recruitment

"We've been working with IWB for over 2 years now. Sarahs got a great team and always Great service. They've helped us in many ways especially with getting perfect candidates, very trustworthy and honest. If you expect results fast IWB is the place to seek."

- Ali Tariq

"Sarah and her team have been an essential part of our business for some time now and since we have started using innerworks we wont be looking back. Highly recommend for any small to medium business owners who are looking to free up some of their time to focus on what they're good at. Thanks heaps, team !"

- Morgan Jackson

"Great service and great outcome. I met with Sarah to discuss my brief and a short time later, we had our perfect candidate. I can't recommend Sarah enough"

- Cody Bice

According to a recent survey, companies who use professional recruitment services see an average reduction in time-to-hire of 45% and a 33% increase in successful hiring outcomes.

Don't wait, take advantage of the benefits of professional recruitment services now to improve your company's hiring process, attract top talent, and drive your business forward.

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